About the International AIDS Conference

This conference is going to be held in Vienna, Austria in July 2010. You can read all about this conference at the official site: http://www.aids2010.org/ 

To download the Women Networking Zone flyer, please click here

Women's groups preparing for Vienna 2010

A number of women's groups in Europe have joined together, with support from the ATHENA Network, to prepare for the involvement of women across Europe and Central Asia, and our issues, in this conference.

The groups included in this alliance are: the ATHENA Network , GS-SG , AIDSHilfe Wien, PulsHIV, ICW and Salamander Trust

If you would like to find out more about what is happening in preparation for the Vienna Conference, you can do so by watching this website as it grows.

Below are some initial tips for developing your own plans to join the AIDS Conference.

Preparing an abstract for the Conference

If you are doing work related to HIV and AIDS in your own area or country, you are encouraged to submit an abstract to share your work with others, so that they can learn from you. The World YWCA has produced a brief film which explains what goes in to preparing an abstract. You can view this here
We also want to share with you an easy-to-use toolkit on how to write effective conference abstracts, and on how to make compelling conference presentations. This resource is available in English, French, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. All of the  language versions can be accessed on the Resources page of CCABA   (Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS). Feel free to share these toolkits within your organization and network.     

Community Involvement Guidelines

ICASO has prepared some guidelines for community involvement in several languages (more to come). You can access these guidelines at  www.aids2010community.org  Please contact Callie Long at CallieL@icaso.org for more details if you are looking for this in your language.

Budgeting and fund-raising for Vienna

During the meeting held in Vienna, we had a brainstorm session to gather together the key areas it is important for anyone to consider when developing a budget proposal, whilst fund-raising for their and/or their organisation's involvement in the Vienna Conference.

Here is the suggested list. NB - please note that:

a) you can apply for a scholarship to attend the main conference - please visit the official conference website for details
b) you may receive a partial scholarship, which will help you in part with your expenses
c) if you are a journalist, there are also media scholarships available
d) even if you don't get a scholarship and can't afford to pay the registration fee for the main conference, you can still gain free access to the "Global Village" which is where the "Women's Networking Zone" will be located. There will also be other conference activities, such as marches, outside the main conference. So you can still contribute a great deal to - and get a lot out of - the conference, even if you have not registered with the main conference.

Budgeting: suggested line items

  1. Translation - NB the official languages of the Conference are English and Russian. No other translation services will be provided.
  2. Travel
  3. Conference Registration
  4. Visas*
  5. Printing
  6. Per diems
  7. Advertising
  8. Freebies/goodies
  9. Accommodation  - NB you may want to look for some cheaper accommodation options at http://www.vienna35.com
  10. Shipping of materials from your country to the conference
  11. Website
  12. Local travel
  13. Food
  14. Logo
  15. Education/training/workshops
  16. Accounting costs
  17. Currency exchange and bank fees
  18. Administrative costs
  19. Consultancy or internship
  20. Telephone
  21. Networking events
  22. Insurance
  23. Monitoring and evaluation
  24. Outfitting your WNZ stall (furniture, simultaneous translation)
  25. T-shirts
  26. Audiovisual equipment?


*NB Everyone will need to apply for their own visa and prepare their travel and accommodation arrangements for themselves. Sadly, none of the organisations listed above has the capacity to support you with this.

THE GS-SG 2010 for 2010 INITIATIVE

Harriet Langanke, Director of GS-SG, based in Cologne, Germany, has taken on the terrific initiative of developing a twinning fund-raising campaign, in preparation for the Vienna Conference. Through this initiative, GS-SG seeks to raise funds to enable women living with HIV both from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and from Western Europe, to go to Vienna and attend the Conference, so that they can twin together and share the experience of the whole Conference together. To read more about this great initiative - and to join in with fund-raising if you would like! - see http://www.stiftung-gssg.de/partner/international/athena.html The document about this initiative is available through this link in German, English, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian.

Preparing for Vienna