Here we will try to provide you with useful links to other organisations who provide information relevant to women across Europe and Central Asia in relation to HIV

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Angelina Namiba, Jo Manchester and Lucy Osman have written a leaflet for women with HIV who are pregnant, based on the experiences of the Positively UK "From Pregnancy to Baby and Beyond" Peer Mentor-Mother programme.

 You can access the printer-friendly version of this leaflet by clicking on this sentence.

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NB: information about this issue is always changing. You can find the latest information from the UK by clicking on this sentence, which takes you to the website of the National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood at the Institute of Child Health, University College London, managed by Dr Pat Tookey and her team. 

If you want to translate this leaflet please let Positively UK know so that we can assist you with a word version of the document. Please acknowledge the work of Positively UK in your translation!

LAUNCH of the SHE Programme in Rome, July 2011

The SHE Programme is a toolkit and website designed for women living with HIV by women living with HIV and our supporters. The toolkit and website are currently available in English and will soon be rolled out in other languages.  Please click here to go to the dedicated SHE programme website and here to access a pdf of the slides which were presented at the launch of the SHE programme in Rome in July 2011.


The Network of Sexwork Projects had produced a great guide to preparing for the Vienna Conference. You can access it by clicking here.


The AIDS 2010 Community Website has a lot of useful resources for anyone interested in finding out more about the conference. You can access this website by clicking here.

Human Rights March:


UN System HIV Positive Staff Group,  UNPlus

HIV-related initiatives

The Lifeboat Project is a unique web-documentary that focuses on the experiences of families living in Europe as they come to terms with hiv/aids. "In 2006, we began to film mothers, fathers and children to hear more about what it is like living with a positive status. Stigma is still a very real problem for all of them. Some of our families have never spoken openly about hiv. Many participants decided to remain anonymous but still wanted a safe space from which to document their lives." Please click on the link to see the Lifeboat Project Press Release.
"We work with a participatory model of filmmaking – mothers, fathers and children are the content creators. The Lifeboat team works closely with each family and together we create media that concentrates on issues, experiences and stories that are relevant, authentic and important at the time of filming. Nothing is scripted. Participants do not need to be identified (faces do not need to be shown, voices can be altered, names can be changed, context information can be carefully dealt with), but can still have a platform for their “voices” in our work. Our media is aimed at other families who are also coping with stigma surrounding hiv/aids and health professionals.  We also make our work available to the mainstream media and offer them less discriminatory portraits of living with hiv as a tool to break ignorance and discrimination in the broader community. We are always looking for new participants and also for feedback from viewers of our website."

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